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The Contents:

Spotlight on Nanasin’s DIVA Style Models – by Izzy V.

Discussion of TDA Edits… – by Group Discussion

Yukihane’s Adorable MMD Models – by Mae Blythe

Welcome to the new MMD Models & Creators page! – by Reggie Dentmore

I see the Creators page as a place where a reader can visit to find quality models and stages (accessories), well presented, with the background story of the designer and of the creation. … If not TOO TL;DR… maybe they will learn an appreciation for the art and the craft of the model’s creation. … and yet, it’s the TL I am kind of hoping for… a nice write-up about the creative process and the mindset, the hurdles to be overcome… and the result: what pleases you about your finished piece, how’d it turn out compared to your mind’s eye vision.

Reggie Dentmore, November 29, 2018

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