Spotlight on Nanasin’s DIVA Style Models

Nanasin has beautiful DIVA models... see the article for the download links.

Recently I fell in love with a new model creator on NicoVideo. They go by Nanasin. Nanasin started off working with their Miku model and most recently made their Kaito.

Honestly they’re quite simple and look like the actual Project DIVA models with a tiny bit more style. I would highly recommend these to any new user. Of course there are some down sides. I’ve noticed that there are some rigging issues with Miku and Teto, around the elbow in-particular; the occasional vertices pop out of their sleeves but it isn’t too noticeable. I haven’t noticed anything on the other 3 models however and Teto and Miku are Beta versions. I would also recommend not doing extravagant facial expressions, they don’t look too great and not all of the sliders are translated to English quite yet.

Thankfully Nanasin is very quick to respond and fix problems that come along. I had a problem with the models loading without the textures and took the time to change the file names to English. So if you notice something is up, I would tweet to them so they can try and fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen in future models. Not too sure when Nanasin started modeling but they did start working on these models sometime early this year.

Nanasin clearly put a lot of care in these models. They look great. Of course Nanasin isn’t the only person who is making or has made DIVA Styled models. Maebari has made both Project DIVA and Project Mirai styled models and Mamama-p has also made Project DIVA styled models in the past. It’s interesting to look at how MMDer’s are still making models in this style and how, while looking similar, are very different.

All of Nanasin’s models are available on NicoVideo, I would recommend reading the terms of use before downloading and using here:

If you want to try out the models, you can find the distribution above the the terms. I would highly recommend having fun and making some videos and images. Also give Nanasin a follow on twitter:

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