Yukihane’s Adorable MMD Models

Who is Yukihane? Where can I get Snow Miku? How can I download Yukihane’s adorable MMD models?

Yukihane’s Adorable MMD Models are Adorable.

A while ago, I was speaking with a Japanese MMD user. Out of curiosity, I asked them who their favorite modeler was, and they told me Yukihane. I had never heard of them, so I looked it up. Boy, I was not disappointed!

All of Yukihane's Adorable MMD Models Type 13
Images of Yukihane’s Type 13 Models

You can find Yukihane’s work here.

What kind of models does Yukihane make?

Yukihane’s adorable MMD models are divided into four main categories. Original characters, Type 17, Type 13, and Type 11. The original characters are just that – models of characters Yukihane has created.

Original characters are, obviously, characters Yukihane has created.

The cutest of his original characters is Ichi. She is an adorable pink fairy and her model has some amazing morphs. By sliding a slider, you can make her go from having nothing in her hand to realistically holding a sword!

Ichi With and Without Sword
Ichi With and Without Sword

In contrast, Yukihane’s other types of models are grouped together based on what head they use. In addition to having Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin models, there are also a few Touhou models. All of the models have some of the most beautiful textures I have ever seen. If you want to study how to make great textures, study these models!

However, there are some issues.

Issues you may face with Yukihane’s adorable MMD Models

There are many things I love about these models. However, there are some things I need to warn you of. One of the biggest issues is the physics. You can see this simply by importing a model and lowering it below the floor of the MMD stage.

Problems with Yukihane's Adorable MMD Models
Problems with Yukihane’s Adorable MMD Models

Because her feet do not properly “feel the floor,” the model will have many issues with rolling her ankles in a humanly impossible way. For most models, this is is the only issue. Because it is such an easy fix to edit leg IK bones, this is not a major issue. However, the model that made me most interested in Yukihane has other issues. Amusingly, the same issues I always have.

Problems with Snow Dress Miku's Physics
Problems with Snow Dress Miku’s Physics

However, this is simply an issue of being too ambitious with physics. In addition to the legs being wonky, the entire dress twitches violently thanks to too many bodies being too close to each other. This problem can be avoided if you use slow motion datas without rapid leg movement.

The last problem is the biggest for those who do not care about physics. The dreaded null!

All Morphs Lack English Names
All Morphs Lack English Names

Yukihane made these models for Japanese users. There are no English names anywhere in PMX files. Because of this, there are only two ways to know what is going on. You could either learn Japanese and use MMD in Japanese, or you could edit every single facial morph to have an English name. This would be tedious, especially as you cannot distribute edited models according to the English rules. Speaking of rules…

What are the rules?

Yukihane has created rules for Japanese users and rules for Western users. The English rules are as follows:

“If you don’t have the full command of Japanese and don’t read the attached Japanese Terms of service properly,do not use,do not edit, redistribute and/or trade this model. There are additional conditions in it.”

The Japanese rules are much more in depth and give more freedoms than the English rules. However, the best way to keep the faith is to follow the rules to the letter. Google translating the rules would probably lead you to misunderstanding them.

Perhaps if someone were to provide Yukihane with a completely translated version of the rules, Western users could use the Japanese rules. However, that may not be viable as Yukihane wouldn’t be able to verify the translation was 100% in line with his vision!

As a note, editing your copy of a Yukihane model to fix the leg IK bones isn’t illegal. However, you cannot distribute your edit. Editing the PMX file to have English names isn’t illegal. However, you cannot distribute your edit.

How to Download Yukihane’s Adorable MMD Models

The first thing you need to do to download one of the models is to go to the model catalog. Once you are there, you simply need to find the picture of the model you want to download. Next to the picture, there is a link to the model download. It is written in English!

Where to download Cirno model
Where to download Cirno Model

However, the Bowlroll download is password protected! The way you find the password is by clicking the video link beside the download link on the site. That will take you to a NicoNicoVideo video. The password will be in the description. Therefore to find it, you only need to learn the word パス. That means “Pass”. The red block in the following image shows where the password is.

Where Cirno Model's Password is
Where Cirno Model’s Password is

After finding the password, you simply need to type it into Bowlroll. I highlighted the area you type the password into with a big red rectangle.

Where to type passwords on Bowlroll
Where to type passwords on Bowlroll

Finally, you have your very own Yukihane MMD Model!

Finally, have fun with the models!

These models are beyond adorable! I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful stuff you readers create with these models. As always, leave us comments with your work. We always want to see what great stuff you guys create.

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