Welcome to the new MMD Models and Creators page!

MMD Models & Creators

… a new page by the writers of LearnMMD.com to honor the makers and creators of all things MikuMikuDance.

MMDers owe a huge debt of gratitude to those artists who create everything we see and use in our MikuMikuDance world. We hope to offer part of that thank-you in the form of recognition of their works, their models, effects, motions, and accessories.

Another large part of that thank-you will be in our adherence to, and promotion of, the Keep the Faith-MMD idea… a system for tracking and protecting the intellectual property rights that belong to those who freely distribute their MMD creations online.

Enjoy MMD Models & Creators… a page for MikuMikuDance enthusiasts the world-around!


— Reggie Dentmore


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